Friday, 13 June 2014


 yipiiiiiiii !!!
few days ago my twinzie friend favor want to take some picture of so happy hahaha :D

and few weeks ago i get the cool top from ABOCS shop.. yes #ootd tanktop! abocs is clothing brand of my friend, Catherine..
she's make all clothes own, with good materials and so comfy for wear it..
i love so much this top!!

 and this is my twinzie friend!! Cindy Diva Paramitha.. she's so cute like me right?? hahahaha
thank youuu so much much much cindy :D

 and after take photo's, we came to event school bazar at living world.. i got invitation from Aiiness..
in the event i met famous bloggers, shopping at one of cute booth, and eat PUYO pudding.. so perfect day! im so happy yeay...!

Beanie : LO // Top : Abocs // Denim Jacket : BerryBenka // Shoes : RoseWholesale 
Photo taken by : Cindy Diva P

what do you think about my outfit on this post??  
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Monday, 9 June 2014

INFARE part 3

helloooo fellassssss....
i'm back again :D few days ago i'm join an event INFARE (INdonesia Fashion caRE) part 3 at Ex Mall.. Infare is an event that aims to charity, initially only for bloggers for part 3 not only bloggers buat followed also local brand such as Ed-Jeh, Aw_Wardrobe, Gredysassy, Egency, and many more..
as well as many famous bloggers such as Anas Siantar, Clara Devi, Aiines, Gabriella Olivia, Elisabeth, Amelia Bunjamin, Bertha and soooooo many more..

i own join this event with my new brand Colo's, i sell handmade clothes with cotton fabric.. i'm so happy to be joining this event.. bcause besides to sell my work, i was able to met a lot of bloggers, increase knowledge and new friends..

second outfit day 1 on my booth at Infare

with Binkdotz and Dotzbink hehehe
(left-right) kak sassi,gaby,joyi,me
hustle on infare :D
kak Lulut (left) kak Sartob (right)
with kak Anaz

first outfit on infare day 2 :D
kak Lisabeth, kak Tata, me
with kak Dotzbink
selfie time with Aiines and kak Bunga :D
second outfit on infare day 2 with Celline :D
my best friends on infare haha.. Binkdotz,me,kak Sassi, Dotzbink, Tita (left-right)
with kak Clara
with kak Amel (left) and Claudia (right)
amazing hair of gabby
dindaaa,,,i loveee your temporary tatto

thank youuu so much to INFARE and OOTD indo, i can't wait for infare part 4 ;) see you next event guys.i loveeee you so much, muach muach muach :*

Sonya Thaniya