Sunday, 31 August 2014

Playing Soccer Donut

helloooo guysss...
how are you today?? in this sunday I want to wear sporty outfit..
today I wore jersey for playing soccer ball.. actually, I rarely exercise other than jogging hahaha..
but when I got this jersey from my bro, i'm so fall in love with the color, and after that I got bubble nb shoes from my sist and I think it's perfect! ..
and I remembered I've soccer bag from Aw_Wardrobe , and earlier I not had time to wear for take pictures.. so this is my outfit for playing football ^^

anw, Aw_Wardrobe is a indie brand from indonesia made by kak Andre, and he's made and sell unique fashion cloth for man and women with exclusive pattern for a season.. the latest theme for theirs design is "AWEMON" there are has awesome collection such as jacket, shirt, skirt, snapback, and mony more..

and for this bag is from soccer vector season, with a pattern of football that is very amazing and limited.. oh my god!! I love so much his design, I really want to have one of his jacket but my mom told me to fasting for shopping hahaha Lol, still the next I'll must to have it :D and for you soccer ball lovers you must visit they instagram for check theirs colllection or you can buy them at @metrodept level 3 Plaza Senayan

jersey : from my bro // zipper pants : Ed_jeh (ig) // soccer bag : Aw_Wardrobe // donut sock : Phonocky (ig) // nb shoes : from my sist // watches : Baby-G // galaxy necklace : Heloveedee (ig)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Touch in white

hellooo fellassss...
how are you today?? do you remember my post about meet-up with blogger girl-friends??
this is my outfit what I wore that day..
thankyouuu so much to Milkha and Vania for taken this picts ^^

top : Colorbox // skirt : Unbranded // plat bangle : Diva Acc // rings : Aeroculata & F21 // bag and shoes : Unbranded

what do you think about my outfit on this post??  
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bloggers Kulture Market

hellooo fellasss.... ^^
last week at 17 august, I came to cafe Coffe Kulture to met fabulous Fashion Bloggers Indonesia..
and finally I met Cindy Karmoko for the first in the live, I met also Diana Rikasari, Anazsiantar, Clara Devi dan Olivia Lazuardy..
I'm so happy can met some fashion blogger famous, taken some photos, bought some clothes and I got vintage collar from ka Clara, yeaayy so happy day!!

with kak Diana
with kak Olive
with kak Anaz and Cindy
and with kak Clara

sorry for photo quality is not good, because i can't to found the light there :D
for details my outfit, i'll post soon for next title :D

what do you think about my outfit on this post??  
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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Love Is The Answer ft LO-Shop

hellooo guys ^^
how about your weekend?? I hope your weekend enjoyed :)
anyway, talk about weekend, what's your favorite outfit to wear and go out with your friends??
if I'm, sometimes prefer to wear t-shirt or tanktop + jeans or legging + sneaker or boots..
because sometimes I feel like myself what it is, rather than having to 'sweet walk' with heels. because honestly I'm not good heels user hahaha

and t-shirt or tanktop neutral color is sure to be my favorite choice, black or white color..
one of them like this tanktop from Lo-shop..
wearing this tanktop, legging, and boots I find it to be 'cool' hahaha lol :D
and the material is quite comfortable, thankyou so much Lo-shop for this tanktop make my looks so roooock!! :D

white-top and red beanie : Lo-shop (LovitaHilman) // bone chocker : LINF // black boots : RoseWholesale // rings and earring bone : Gredysassy // bangle : Cotton on // jacket : Berrybenka

what do you think about my outfit on this post??  
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Meetup Time ^o^

helloooo guys ^^
one month ago, I came to mall Kota Kasablanca for meet with my bloggers girl-friend, as you know I was posted on my last post before ied mubarak, that I want to meet with my bloggers friend..
finally we have meet-up again after long time no see, and that day is last day for Bella stayed in Jakarta because the next day she's leaving for Singapore..

it was great time for me, we were havingsome time to gossiping, eating, and taking some girly picts ^^ thankyouuu so much guys for your time and hopefully we can make meetup asap hahaha :)
because I'm already missing you guys :( I want to gossiping and take some photos..

 Milkha's pizza
 Bella's pasta
 Nadya's pasta
 my pasta
all food pictures taken by Vania, and I think she's forgot to take her own food hohohoho :D

for details my outfit, i'll post soon for next title :D

what do you think about my outfit on this post??  
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