Thursday, 21 August 2014

Meetup Time ^o^

helloooo guys ^^
one month ago, I came to mall Kota Kasablanca for meet with my bloggers girl-friend, as you know I was posted on my last post before ied mubarak, that I want to meet with my bloggers friend..
finally we have meet-up again after long time no see, and that day is last day for Bella stayed in Jakarta because the next day she's leaving for Singapore..

it was great time for me, we were havingsome time to gossiping, eating, and taking some girly picts ^^ thankyouuu so much guys for your time and hopefully we can make meetup asap hahaha :)
because I'm already missing you guys :( I want to gossiping and take some photos..

 Milkha's pizza
 Bella's pasta
 Nadya's pasta
 my pasta
all food pictures taken by Vania, and I think she's forgot to take her own food hohohoho :D

for details my outfit, i'll post soon for next title :D

what do you think about my outfit on this post??  
Do not forget to leave your comment ^^


  1. Love your skirt and sweet outfit!

    Adhi Wahyudi

  2. Wow love all the pictures and great post as always

  3. Love your post with summer mood

  4. Aaaa~ i wish i could come~ looks funnn~ D:
    lets meet up kakkkk~ :D

    cheer, michelle

  5. masih imut-imut semua ❤

  6. Hey I like your skirt :)

  7. Can't believe you're 19! I thought you're 17. Anw, love that skirt! <3

    Cup of Scarf

  8. Hello Dear! I really enjoy reading you blog I'm a new follower on GFC and bloglovin and I would love it if you followed back :)

    1. hallo ^^ thankyouuuu so much i'll visit your blog now