Sunday, 30 November 2014

Traffique-fest OOTD Competition

hellooooo fellassss :)
beberapa minggu lalu aku ikutan OOTD Competition yg di adakan oleh Traffique-fest.. traffique-fest adalah fashion and food event pertama yg di adakan diMall alam sutera..
seneng banget ada fashion event yg di adakan di alam sutera, karna ini adalah mall yg deket banget dari rumah hehehe :D

dan ternyataaa, tak di sangka tak di duga pada hari kamis aku diinfoin kalau aku kepilih jadi salah 1 finalis yg hanya di pilih 7 finalis dari ratusan foto ootd yg ikut, waaa seneng dooong bisa kepilih dan bisa ketemu dan kenal dengan 6 finalis lain nya :)

pada hari jumat kita semua diminta datang ke mall alam sutera untuk ikutan penjurian dan akan di pilih 3 orang pemenang.. penjurian oleh kak Anaz Siantar dan Michelle Hendra loh!!
pada penjurian ini lah yg paling bikin degdegan dan jantung nyaris copot hahahah Lol
karna baru kali ini aku di suruh naik stage dan mendeskripsikan tentang outfit yg di pakai di depan kedua juri fashion blogger terkenal indonesia!!

setelah di nilai oleh kedua juri saat nya menunggu pengumuman :D
pengumuman nya adalahaaaahh *drum roll* pemenang ketiga jatuh kepada Rike *yeaaayyy*
pemenang ke dua jatuh kepada Sonya *spechless dulu kemuadian yeaaayyy* hahaha alhamdulillaaah memang juga ternyata juara 2 :D dan pemenang pertama adalah Nadine, dari awal sih emang udah felling nadine pasti menang, karna outfit nya malam itu bener2 kece dari head to toe dan mix and match nya itu asyik banget, congratsssss nadinee..

daaaaann yg paling menyanangkan adalaaaahhh, bukan menang/kalah nya. tapi kebersaman nya *jiah* ini serius loh, aku seneng banget bisa kepilih jadi salah satu finalis karna aku bisa bertemu temen2 baru yg awal nya kita ngga saling kenal tp sekerang kita udh kaya temen deket banget hahahaha.. terus ketemu kakak blogger terkenal anaz dan michelle :D 

ini nih detik-detik yg paling 'bikin jantung copot' waktu di suruh naik stage bergantian..

 yaaaaayyyy alhamdulillah :D

foto bersamaaa :D

Thankyouuu so much to Traffique-fest and the jury had chosen me as finalists and the winner of the 2nd :D
hope we can join again on your next event :)
will be posting my details outfit on my next post, see youuuu guys! have a great day :)

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Simple Edgy

halloooo guys :)
lately i liked to wear monochrome outfit, and i bought some black or white clothes.. and a few week ago i went to a city park with my friends, i just wore a simple outfit with black and white..
this outfit is one of monochrome clothes that i got a few month ago, but i love to wear this outfit because this is simple but edgy look in the same time, with the ripped jeans made this look a little edgy :D

see you on another post guyss :)

top : Mannequin Plastic // ripped pants : // cut boots : Handmade

what do you think about my outfit ont this post??  
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Saturday, 22 November 2014


halloooooo fellassss :) how are you today?? 
a few month ago i got this amazing silver skort from GAZE!
Gaze! is local brand created by kak Marcella, they made women clothes with good materials and affordable prices.. i love this skort so much because the fabric is so so good, and the silver color is so great..
i got this skort by pre order, i thought the size can't fit for me but when i have accepted turned out this skort so fit to me and so comfy to wear ..
and i'm sooooo happy to wear this skort, this is Recommended! :D

what do you think? this skort so fit for me right?
and do you know, this is my first skort! because previously i couldn't wear skort like this, i thought i was not fit to wear.. but so different with this skirt..

see you on another post guyss :)

hoodie top : Label Cut // silver skirt : Gaze! // silver shoes : // bangle : Cotton on 

what do you think about my outfit ont this post??  
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014


helloooo fellasssss :) how are you today??
yesterday i was took some pisc with my friend, because a couple days i got a new beanie and sunglasses so i can't wait to take pics for a new post on my blog :D

on this post i'm wearing leopart beanie and sunglasses i got from Cheap_id  it's so cuteee, isn't it?
Cheap_id sell various kinds of equipment your clothes .. hat, beanie, sunglasses, necklace and many more..
if you guys accessories addict i think you must visit their instagram and get your favorite accessories like me :D my favorite of theirs collection is necklace, sunglasses and beanie/hat :) but i think my favorite all of their collection lol :D all of them all so cuteee :)

see you on the next post guys :)

beanie and sunglasses : Cheap_id // t-shirt : Coconut island // zipper pants : Ed_jeh // boots : Mighty8

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Cultural of INDONESIA

helloooo fellas !! how are you today?
how about your weekend? i just stay at home for spend my weekend :(
but it's okay because i've so many work to do, hiks :') caiyooo!!

anyway, do you know in earlier times much of woman in indonesia wear 'kebaya' or Javanese blouse.. kebaya mainly wore by women on the island of Java, but when i was child i stayed in island of Sumatra and saw my grandma wore kebaya and batik skirt..
first, the women aren't allowed to wear jeans / another top, the women just wear kebaya and batik skirt..
but now, style like that considered old fashioned, whereas we can to maintain cultural but still look modern and stylish..

and a year ago i got this Javanese blouse from a local brand Lemari Lila, i was posted 2 times about this kebaya before.. but when the last independence day, i wanted to wore my kebaya for taken pictures about independence day, but i didn't post about it befare because i thought i was already posted 2  styles about independence day..
and now, i remember about this look, and i want to post today :D
so yeah, here my cultural style wearing kebaya.. now, you don't judge kebaya is old fashioned, all the clothes is modern and stylish but it depends on you, how you use it ;) because every clothes is have soul, and they will be live if you wear so well ;) 

see you on the next post guys :) have a great weekend :)

red Javanese blouse : Lemari Lila // skirt : Unbranded // boots : Chielshoes // floppy hat : (similar here) Cheap_id // white bangle : Uniqlo

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Touch of pink

helloooo guysss :)
i was taken this picts a few month ago when kak Wenny came to jakarta..
we went to mall in alam sutera and we had lunch, shopped and took some photos :)

tatto by @potatoo1 (on ig)

i miss you already kak Wen :)

see you on the next post :)

top : Unranded // ripped jeans : // black candigan : // shoes : Adorable

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