Sunday, 16 November 2014

Cultural of INDONESIA

helloooo fellas !! how are you today?
how about your weekend? i just stay at home for spend my weekend :(
but it's okay because i've so many work to do, hiks :') caiyooo!!

anyway, do you know in earlier times much of woman in indonesia wear 'kebaya' or Javanese blouse.. kebaya mainly wore by women on the island of Java, but when i was child i stayed in island of Sumatra and saw my grandma wore kebaya and batik skirt..
first, the women aren't allowed to wear jeans / another top, the women just wear kebaya and batik skirt..
but now, style like that considered old fashioned, whereas we can to maintain cultural but still look modern and stylish..

and a year ago i got this Javanese blouse from a local brand Lemari Lila, i was posted 2 times about this kebaya before.. but when the last independence day, i wanted to wore my kebaya for taken pictures about independence day, but i didn't post about it befare because i thought i was already posted 2  styles about independence day..
and now, i remember about this look, and i want to post today :D
so yeah, here my cultural style wearing kebaya.. now, you don't judge kebaya is old fashioned, all the clothes is modern and stylish but it depends on you, how you use it ;) because every clothes is have soul, and they will be live if you wear so well ;) 

see you on the next post guys :) have a great weekend :)

red Javanese blouse : Lemari Lila // skirt : Unbranded // boots : Chielshoes // floppy hat : (similar here) Cheap_id // white bangle : Uniqlo

what do you think about my outfit on this post??  
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  1. aaaa that skirt! loooveee!

  2. Great post!

  3. cute~

  4. Cute look!!


  5. Really Indonesia! Love it!

  6. love the skirt&shoes!


  7. love that skirtt soooo damn much!

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  8. Nice look :)

  9. Fab hat!

    xo T.

  10. hi gorgeous! I love how you incorporated your culture in this outfit! the blouse is beautiful! thanks for visiting my blog, I just followed you on GFC and bloglovin :)

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  13. You look extremely beautiful with that ethnic clothing! I think red color suits you

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  15. really like it! great look :) ♡