Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Color Blocking

Heihooooo guyss :)
how are u today? 2 more days of Ied-mubarak, do you go back to hometown?
this year i just stay in jakarta, maybe i'll go to hometown 2 weeks after Ied. for all you guys, who go back to ur hometown by plane, bus, car or whatever, you have to be careful yaa :) follow all the road sign, so that you safely to your destination ;)

Anw guyss, this photos was taking a few weeks ago, when i though i've never wear this pastel-green leather skirt. this skirt i bought already very long time, but i never wear because i felt the color too cute for me :D and i have no idea to mix and match about.
But suddenly i wanted to wear with white shirt, and my neon beanie. also for my friend, cause i've anothar leather skirt and beanie. so voilaaaa,,, i'm so colorful :D i look so cutee, eh? lol

And because the result of this outfit so colorful and our outfit have the same color-blocking so i used this photo to joined an ootd challange by Andien, she is one of the famous indonesian singer guyss ! and you know what? i got a scarve and a ticket for her concert in september!! i'm so happy, because not only will meet with Andien, bu i also meet with my friend Kiko from bandung, hi's got the ticket too from different theme with me and of course i'll meet with other fashion and music lovers! so interesting isn't it?

Well, i have an information for you all guys :D for all you who celebrate Ied Mubarak, have you prepare ur ied-mubarak outfit? if the answer is Yes! i think you have to join that an ootd challenge, because the theme of this week is ied mubarak-outfit! so take the best photo of yours and join on Andien's official instagram. than wi'll meet in september guysss :*  yaaayy! 

 see youuu on the next post yaaa guys :) enjoy with my new oufit post ;) 

what do you think about my outfit ont this post??  
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  1. Gosh you look so cute in that colourful outfit Sonya! Love your outfit and that green background so much <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  2. Aaa~ you look so adorably cute <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  3. Loving the Neon beanie and leather pastel skirt!

    P.S. Happy Eid Mubarak!
    Youre so lucky to get Andien's music concert tix!

    Greeting from Indonesia,

  4. You look super cute! I love the combination!

  5. Cute outfit