Friday, 18 May 2018

Lip On Lip : Velvet Matteness Series

Hi guysss :)
It's really been long time i didn't post anything on this blog, maybe this blog already had a lot of spider web (lol :D) and i've to clean up first.
So guyss, how's your life? I just too busy with my work lately, so i can't write something about my story, or write a content about my outfit of the day like i supposed to do, it's just because i dont have more time even just for attend an event. Sometimes it's make me feel so sad but i know and really know my job is my priority.
But i was make a promise in 2018 i'll spare my time in the weekend to create, posting and update something on this blog. Please gimme ur support guys :")

Oh yeah, about this post a few lovely days back i got a package of happiness from Female Daily, they gave me a bunch of lipsticks matte series, it's a new product from Lip On Lip.
As we know before, Lip On Lip adalah salah satu merk cosmetic keluaran Rohto, nah mungkin kalian lebih ingat dengan product lipbalm yg juga keluaran Rohto terdahulu, kan? Yupsss! Lip Ice yg sudah cukup terkenal dengan product lipbalm nya dari dulu, aku sendiri salah satu pecinta lipbalm dari Lip ice dari sejak lama, mungkin sudah dari aku Smp. Dan sekarang mereka mengeluarkan Lipstick matte series dengan merk Lip On Lip by Rohto.
Tidak kalah dengan keunggulan product mereka terdahulu, lipstick matte series ini juga memiliki 3 kelebihan yaitu :

1. Coloring : long lasting, vivid, matte
2. Moisturizing : intense moisturizing
3. Nourishing : vit E antioksidan, besswax, coconut oil, shea butter, dan jojoba oil.

Lip On Lip : Velvet Matteness Series terdiri dari 5 warna cantik yg berbeda, dan menurut aku kelima warna nya ini cocok digunakan untuk daily makeup no makeup sampai untuk makeup yg lebih formal jadi kalian harus punya kelima shades nya karna kelimanya adalah warna2 yg sering kita butuhkan untuk beberapa occasion. Penasaran kan apa aja warna2 nya?
Here's the pict color swatches of the Velvet Matteness Series

1. Matte Nude

2. Matte Rosie

3. Matte Pinkish

4. Matte Peony

5. Matte Reddish 

So guysss, dari foto swatches ini aku sih suka sama semua warna nya tapi satu warna paling ku suka dan paling sering aku pake itu matte nude warna nya natural tp cantik gitu, kalo versi kalian which one your favorite guysss?

See youuu on the next post yaaa guys :) enjoy with my new review ;) 


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  1. Eh, I think it's going to be hard to find the shade that will suits my skin tone hehe :")